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Lake To Lake FAQS


Deposits are only refunded in the event of all day rain, high winds (over 20 mph) or when the coast guard has issued a small craft advisory. You have the option of receiving a cash refund or rescheduling your day. After all, it's not your fault if mother nature has a hissy fit! 

If you CANCEL for any other reason, your deposit will not be refunded. However, if your plans change, you can reschedule within 48 hours notice (except holiday weekends) and you can use your deposit up to 12 months from that date. All holiday cancellations, we do not refund deposits for any reason.


If you reschedule or postpone your rental less than 48 hours before the booking, you will not receive your deposit back and you will be required to pay another deposit for the new date. 

If you are more than 30 minutes late to pick-up/drop-off without contacting us, we charge a $50 late fee every hour. Please CALL IMMEDIATELY if you are running late so we can make other arrangements or you will lose your deposit. 





We take safety very seriously. No drinking and driving. It's the LAW! If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving record and you will be banned from renting from us in the future. You must be 21 to rent an engine powered vessel or 18 to rent canoes and kayaks. 

Boats may only be driven by the designated driver/s on the contract. The boat driver must be at least 21 years of age. No Exceptions. State Law requires permanent or temporary Boater Safety Card be physically carried on you with picture ID.



• Do not transfer the boat to a lake not designated on your rental application. We need to know where you are in case of emergencies

• All persons under 16 years of age are REQUIRED to wear a safety vest at ALL times. Please inform us of how many under 16 persons will be on the boat so we can provide the necessary vests for safety.

• No Smoking is permitted on any rental for any reason

• Follow all boater laws and safety regulations. If you are not aware or need a refresher, we are more than happy to provide the necessary guidelines.

• Please refrain from any illegal activities



We are a family-run business and want everyone to have fun, be safe and enjoy lake life! Please keep this in mind as you use one of our rentals. We take pride in the quality of our rentals and want you to have a wonderful experience. Please don't ruin it for future Lake to Lake renters in the future by damaging, misusing or abusing our rental equipment

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